זכרונות | Zichronot | Roots

The authentic individual is neither an end nor a beginning but a link between ages, both memory and expectation...To us, recollection is a holy act; we sanctify the present by remembering the past. To us Jews, the essence of faith is memory.
To believe is to remember. 

–abraham joshua Heschel


 wrestling with our past

Strange Fruit, a song about lynchings in the south, was written by the Jewish song-writer Abel Meeropol and performed most famously by Billie Holiday. Strange Fruit has been sampled most notably by Kanye West

Hip Hop stands on the foundation of songs like Strange Fruit, a musical wrestling with life's most painful realities. Today's Hip Hop continues the tradition of moral prophecy. As you listen, unleash your emotions.

What internal barriers narrow your bandwidth for empathy?
— Journal Question No. 3

Wrestling with our present

For at least one full minute, write down your reflections on This is America.
— Journal Question No. 4


Maybe God and perfection are at the end and not at the beginning...For how can God be called one–that is, real, if humankind is rent asunder in misery and poverty and hate and war? When humankind has achieved its own reality and unity, it will thereby have achieved God's reality and unity. Till then God is merely an idea, an ideal."

-Henry Slonimsky


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