Rabbi Alex Kress is the Assistant Rabbi at Temple Sinai of Roslyn in New York. Rabbi Kress is passionate about lowering the barriers to Judaism and making Jewish life fun and meaningful. If you're looking for a rabbi to talk to, an amazing community to join, or a relatable, caring officiant to perform a lifecycle event for your family, click here to send Rabbi Kress an email.


  "Mom, why do I have a combover?!"


Rabbi Alex Kress is a born and raised Philadelphian.  In 2012, he graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies and immediately flew to Israel to begin his studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Rabbi Kress was ordained in May of 2017 and began serving Temple Sinai of Roslyn in July.

Rabbi Kress loves good coffee, shabbos ball, and reading an actual, physical newspaper. He and his wife Michal just welcomed their daughter into the world on May 5, and love hosting family and friends for home cooked meals, good wine, and lots of laughter. Tip: If you come for Shabbat, ask for Rabbi Kress' signature challah.


Journey to the rabbinate

Rabbi Kress'  life was changed when his parents sent him to Camp Harlam in 2002. It was the first domino in a series that led him to the rabbinate. He became involved in NFTY PAR, traveled with NFTY in Israel and NFTY EIE, and then studied abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. That semester in the spring of 2010 definitively set Rabbi Kress' course  for the rabbinate. Fate would have it that he also met his wife there. 


  • Alex's favorite Jewish holiday is Sukkot.
  • Alex has 92 days worth of music in his iTunes library - the remnants of his days as a DJ.
  • The hora at Alex & Michal's wedding lasted 45 minutes.
  • Alex and Michal have an adorable Maltipoo puppy named Sadie.
  • Alex wrote an autobiography in 6th grade titled, Alexander the Great. It wasn't that great.